Procrastination…an old enemy.

Procrastination is a formidable adversary with a friendly face…and it is time to fight back!

Procrastination is both relentless and restless in its efforts of domination and control. This lifelong foe is in a constant state of war with personal advancement and growth. The casualty list is extensive to include: missing important opportunities, letting precious moments slip past with loved ones, opting out of physical body maintenance in favor of doing it later and so much more. The list continues in similar fashion with a familiar trend. We often gravitate to what is easiest in the moment and not what is ultimately best for us. Continue reading “Procrastination…an old enemy.”


A Duel On The World Stage

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Globalization connects the world in a way that makes trade, travel and communication move in a method that really does make the world appear smaller than it has ever been before. Innovation and new perspectives tend to follow in the wake of fast communications. The ease of modern communication can translate into ease of planning, coordinating as well as researching. Being able to not only store, but to also share ideas and resources through information systems have been essential for international growth and development.

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Heroes Among Us!

What really defines a hero? Is it donning a cape and stalking the darkness of the night while waiting for wrongdoers to reveal themselves? Is it swinging around the city on some fancy webs and saving the civilian in distress? Will putting on a mask or a cool costume really give us the ability to soar through the skies and serve as humanity’s protectors? Probably not, but being a hero is a lot less complex then we imagine.

Hero, by definition, is somebody who commits an act of remarkable bravery or who has shown an admirable quality, such as great courage or strength of character. The courage to act when the time calls for it is a trait that is shared amongst all heroes. To place personal wants and even needs aside to aid another is as selfless and commendable as stopping a masked bandit from fleeing a bank robbery. Although the praise and celebration might not be as great in the two examples, the feeling of doing a heroic deed will be equally rewarding. Doing the right thing is not always an easy choice, but sometimes it’s the choice that makes a greater difference.

Of course, right and wrong are in the eyes of the beholder, but a small does of common sense really does go a long way. So, let us slip on our invisible capes and cool costumes! Prepare your invisible webs for working overtime because the world needs more heroes.