A #METOO Backlash is Brewing

Why is it so hard to find Mentors? Have you considered obtaining a Mentor? Since the establishment of the #METOO liberation movement, more men have opted for a more grossly misogynist response to mentoring women. In certain career fields dominated by men, this can threaten the advancement of women in leadership positions. One survey arrived at …


Podcast Episode #11

Let me guide you in your career

Lee discusses the new services that Cyber Misfits will be providing. Lee will be mentoring and coaching professionals throughout their career. Finding a mentoring or coach is already hard enough, so why not make it easier on yourself and have someone in your corner rooting for you to succeed.




Equifax Breach and Alphabet soup intimidation About this episode Lee discusses the aftermath of the Equifax breach and how very little was done as well as Alphabet Soup intimidation. Remember: Subscribe on iTunes, Google Play, or your favorite podcast app, to catch-all of the episodes as they go live. Thanks for listening! Episode Links https://qz.com/1383810/equifax-data-breach-one-year-later-no-punishment-for-the-company/ …

Episode 009: Technology Addiction is on the Rise

Technology Addiction THE GROWING EPIDEMIC About this episode Lee discuss a growing epidemic, technology addiction. Technology is slowly becomes an everyday need to our daily functionality in society. As technology made our lives easier, it is sometimes hard for some to realize that you can actually form an addiction. Remember: Subscribe on iTunes, Google Play, …