Why you should consider crowdsourcing IT security services

csoonline.com- Whether you need a pentesting team, a bug bounty program, or a vulnerability disclosure plan, several crowdsourcing platforms can take the risk and pain from the process.Source: Why you should consider crowdsourcing IT security services



The few hackers that no one really talks about

First let’s explain what a hacker is; a hacker is anyone who exploits a weakness in order to gain unauthorized access. When people think of the word ‘hacker’ they may think of someone in dark clothing hiding from daylight behind a computer screen committing crimes. But did you know that there are many different types of hackers out there. Keep in mind that not all hackers are bad and many hackers hack for different reasons.  Continue reading “ARE ALL HACKERS CREATED EQUALLY?”

Walmart will use audio surveillance technology to monitor employees and customers

Walmart Tuesday filed a patent for audio surveillance technology to record customers and employees to proposedly focus on minute details of the shopping and checkout.

Wal-Mart will soon be recording your audio without your consent.

Imagine walking into Wal-Mart and you start to engage in a casual conversation with your family or friends. Without a second thought, you discuss private matters with your companions thinking your conversation is confidential. Imagine months later realizing that the private conversation that you had could have been recorded. Continue reading “Walmart will use audio surveillance technology to monitor employees and customers”

The House passes a bill to protect our industries from cyberattacks

The House lawmakers has finally approved a cybersecurity legislation on Monday. This bill will secure the technologies used to protect critical infrastructure from any type of cyberattacks. The bill will still need to get approved by the Senate before being signed into law by the President.

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Procrastination…an old enemy.

Procrastination is a formidable adversary with a friendly face…and it is time to fight back!

Procrastination is both relentless and restless in its efforts of domination and control. This lifelong foe is in a constant state of war with personal advancement and growth. The casualty list is extensive to include: missing important opportunities, letting precious moments slip past with loved ones, opting out of physical body maintenance in favor of doing it later and so much more. The list continues in similar fashion with a familiar trend. We often gravitate to what is easiest in the moment and not what is ultimately best for us. Continue reading “Procrastination…an old enemy.”

MysteryBot Android trojan aims at banking apps

Triple threat malware
Security researchers have discovered a new type of malware with a 3-legged threat: banking trojan, keylogger, and mobile ransomware in one.

A new triple threat malware has arisen and is plaguing Android devices. This malware can place an overlay screen on top of your login screen and steal your login information.The malware is flawless in its attempts to masquerade as an legitimate app.  Continue reading “MysteryBot Android trojan aims at banking apps”

Adidas phishing campaign promises free shoes, offers $50 subscription instead

An Adidas phishing campaign is offering potential victims a “free” $50 per month subscription via all under the promise of free shoes

Adidas has fallen victim to the latest phishing attempt. This campaign promises that their victims will receive free shoes and money. The construction of this email appears legit. However, one may notice that the dot is missing from the letter ‘i’ in the word Adidas. Many times phishing email look very similar to an actual website and that is generally what tricks their victims. When receiving email from site that seem like it is coming from a legitimate source, make sure that you verify the source of the site as will as the contents before give away any private information. If you are suspicious about the source of an email and the legitimacy of its contents report the email and delete its contents immediately. 

Read the entire post at its source on SCCYBERCRIME: Adidas phishing campaign promises free shoes, offers $50 subscription instead

What I have learned as a cybersecurity professional and about proper mentorship.

The greatest testament to a cybersecurity professional is when a university asks you to teach their future cybersecurity professionals. I am extremely excited about this new opportunity. I look forward to sharing my knowledge and work experience with the next generation of future professionals.


One of the main things that I feel as though I missed out on, was the ability to have a mentor to guide me through some of the tough times in my career. Knowing the material and the requirements is only a third of what it takes to succeed in this career. In order to succeed in this career, I had to discover the hard way that you need to gain buy in from

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Cybersecurity versus Information Security


What is the big difference anyway?

Information and cybersecurity is very similar as they are both designed to protect the organizational security posture. A well-defined security structure and policy can protect the organization in the event of a data breach and recovery.

Information security (InfoSec) is the strategies and methodologies designed to manage the processes, tools, and policies needed to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information systems and data. The CIA (confidentiality, integrity, and availability) has become the mandatory foundation for the protection and preservation of security of an organizations data. The components of CIA are: Continue reading “Cybersecurity versus Information Security”

24 best free security tools

csoonline.com -“Check out these 24 free, standout software tools that will make your daily security work easier.

Who doesn’t love free software?

Infosec professionals are fortunate to have many good free tools for a range of tasks. The following list of two dozen tools include everything from password crackers to vulnerability management systems to networks analyzers. Whatever your security role is, you’ll find something useful here.”

Source: 24 best free security tools

Lee Signore



A lot has been going on with me this week. I wanted to go over some of the items that I posted on Facebook and also what I have noticed in the news. Consumers need to be careful of some of the shopping apps as nearly 84% of them might not be secured. Did you know that the Google’s program that can pass a human as it conducts business and transactions on your behalf. Do you think that this nearly developed software should have a disclaimer in the beginning of the phone conversation letting the person on the receiving end know that it is a software action on your behalf? Did you know that Facebook will be experimenting with a dating app? It will be interesting to know they will separate the people participating in this program from that other people not involved and how they will protect against “catfishing”. Continue reading “WEEKLY UPDATE #002”

Weekly Update #01

weekly update #01 – The Introduction

Sorry, for the delay in posting to the blog. I have been busy moving to Hawai’i. I wanted to start doing a weekly video update for you so that you will be able to see me and to make our interacts a bit more intimate. If there is anything that you would like for me to talk about in my weekly updates please let me know in the comment section or email me at lsignore@csignore.com. Continue reading “Weekly Update #01”