A Duel On The World Stage

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Globalization connects the world in a way that makes trade, travel and communication move in a method that really does make the world appear smaller than it has ever been before. Innovation and new perspectives tend to follow in the wake of fast communications. The ease of modern communication can translate into ease of planning, coordinating as well as researching. Being able to not only store, but to also share ideas and resources through information systems have been essential for international growth and development.

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STEM Tools for Small Children

My soon to be eight-year-old son has been introduced to the world of STEM throughout his early elementary school years. Now that he is in second grade, he is more intrigued on all of the possibilities that STEM has to offer and wants to know more. While seemingly unnoticeable, it appears as though there is a severe lack of funding in school for STEM related activities and the exposure for our children is slowly diminishing.  So, I took it upon myself to get him as much exposure as possible so brought him two robots with accessories from Wonder Workshop. Wonder Workshop has some cool robots for children and easy to use apps that work great across multiple platforms. The digital programming language is well suited for kids 5+ and make learning how to code super easy and fun. You can either download the Wonder Workshops app or Blocky to start programming these robots.

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