The Congressional Hearings Circus Show

During Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg congressional hearing on Capitol Hill, it was obvious that the Senators did not know anything about how the internet works or even how Facebook operated. Though Mr. Zuckerberg took full responsibility for the privacy lapse in the design of Facebook, it was clear that nothing was really resolved during this hearing. It is unclear on what the actual intent was of the hearing as many of the questions that they asked appears as though they came up with it the morning of. It was almost as thought the Senators sole mission was to attempt to make Mr. Zuckerberg appear as the bad guy and cause as much damage to Facebook’s stock. I am by no means condoning the actions of these huge organizations nor promoting the selfishness and their greed. However, many of the questions that the Senators asked were idiotic in nature and did not get many of the questions answered in regards to how Facebook intends on protecting our privacy.


In the midst of the several absurd question there were good questions asked, but I feel that the Senators lack the basic technical knowledge to ask further questions.



The information privacy law or data protection laws strictly prohibits the disclosure or misuse of any private information pertaining to individuals. Sadly, in the United States this and many other laws that was created to protect personal identifiable information (PII) was designed to for Healthcare organizations. These laws need to extend to technological organizations and any other facility designed to capture personal information and PII from its consumers. Right now the laws are vague on who it pertains too. What are your thoughts on the Congressional Hearing which took place?





Facebook and Google are already facing lawsuits under new data rules


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