Hackers Steal Customers’ Credit Cards From Newegg Electronics Retailer


“The notorious hacking group behind the Ticketmaster and British Airways data breaches has now victimized popular computer hardware and consumer electronics retailer Newegg.”

So, what happened? Whenever a customers added a product within their shopping cart, entered their delivery information during the first step of the check-out, and validated their address, the website takes them to the payment processing page to enter their credit card information. But, as soon as the customer hit submit button after entering their credit card information, the skimmer code immediately sends a copy of that data to the attacker’s domain, i.e., neweggstats.com without interrupting the checkout process. Millions were affected.

Source:The Hackers News https://thehackernews.com/2018/09/newegg-credit-card-hack.html

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