What I have learned as a cybersecurity professional and about proper mentorship.

The greatest testament to a cybersecurity professional is when a university asks you to teach their future cybersecurity professionals. I am extremely excited about this new opportunity. I look forward to sharing my knowledge and work experience with the next generation of future professionals.


One of the main things that I feel as though I missed out on, was the ability to have a mentor to guide me through some of the tough times in my career. Knowing the material and the requirements is only a third of what it takes to succeed in this career. In order to succeed in this career, I had to discover the hard way that you need to gain buy in from

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Cybersecurity versus Information Security


What is the big difference anyway?

Information and cybersecurity is very similar as they are both designed to protect the organizational security posture. A well-defined security structure and policy can protect the organization in the event of a data breach and recovery.

Information security (InfoSec) is the strategies and methodologies designed to manage the processes, tools, and policies needed to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information systems and data. The CIA (confidentiality, integrity, and availability) has become the mandatory foundation for the protection and preservation of security of an organizations data. The components of CIA are: Continue reading “Cybersecurity versus Information Security”

24 best free security tools

csoonline.com -“Check out these 24 free, standout software tools that will make your daily security work easier.

Who doesn’t love free software?

Infosec professionals are fortunate to have many good free tools for a range of tasks. The following list of two dozen tools include everything from password crackers to vulnerability management systems to networks analyzers. Whatever your security role is, you’ll find something useful here.”

Source: 24 best free security tools

Lee Signore



A lot has been going on with me this week. I wanted to go over some of the items that I posted on Facebook and also what I have noticed in the news. Consumers need to be careful of some of the shopping apps as nearly 84% of them might not be secured. Did you know that the Google’s program that can pass a human as it conducts business and transactions on your behalf. Do you think that this nearly developed software should have a disclaimer in the beginning of the phone conversation letting the person on the receiving end know that it is a software action on your behalf? Did you know that Facebook will be experimenting with a dating app? It will be interesting to know they will separate the people participating in this program from that other people not involved and how they will protect against “catfishing”. Continue reading “WEEKLY UPDATE #002”

Weekly Update #01

weekly update #01 – The Introduction

Sorry, for the delay in posting to the blog. I have been busy moving to Hawai’i. I wanted to start doing a weekly video update for you so that you will be able to see me and to make our interacts a bit more intimate. If there is anything that you would like for me to talk about in my weekly updates please let me know in the comment section or email me at lsignore@csignore.com. Continue reading “Weekly Update #01”

Is Gordon Ramsay a good Data Protection Officer?

We all know chef Gordon Ramsay to be an excellent chef and not one to hold back on his thoughts. But who knew that he could make a good Data Protection Officer. In the link below you can see how Chef Ramsay corrected an individual on what should have been an obvious mishanlding of people’s credit card information in the same way a Data Protection Officer would.

With that being said, please keep on mind that no matter your profession everyone has a responsibility to speak up when they feel like something doesn’t seems right and report any mishandling of anyone or your personal information as soon as possible.


The Use of Biometrics for Authentication

Biometrics seems to be the new “secured” method that is usually utilize with your electronic devices, identification, and access control. So, what is it and it is really the most secured method to use to protect your information? Well we all seen the YouTube videos where a jealous significant other will use the fingerprint unknowing person to unlock their phone or look over their shoulder to memorize the pattern used to access the device. Videos such as those show simpler methods that people use to hack into a device when only one form of biometrics is used.


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“Is he looking at me?

Wow, he is looking at me?

He is so handsome, but I do think that he will see anything that he likes in me.

He can’t be looking at me.

I can count so many things that are wrong with me.

I am short and have scars all over me.

My smile is crooked and my large glasses will cause any man to flee.

I am underweight and have large feet.

I cannot cook so I usually never eat.

With his muscular frame he must want someone sexy by his side

Dress her in all white and make her his bride.

Me, I am not athletic or in shape,

I am hideous and was once called an ape.

If only he could see,

Everything that I do not see in me.


Wow, look at her.

Is she looking at me?

She is so beautiful. I don’t know why she hides her face from me.

If only she can see what I see.

She is short enough to feel safe in my arms,

As I hold her throughout the night and keep her from harm.

Her glasses make her looks so smart,

I wonder if she knows Shakespeare or is into the Arts.

Her smile is so unique and beautiful in my eyes,

I just want to hold her so she will never leave my side.

She is so tiny, my love, is so frail.

I just want to take care of her, my love she will hail.

If only she could see what I see,

She is everything and means the world to me.”

                               -Lee Signore

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The Congressional Hearings Circus Show

During Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg congressional hearing on Capitol Hill, it was obvious that the Senators did not know anything about how the internet works or even how Facebook operated. Though Mr. Zuckerberg took full responsibility for the privacy lapse in the design of Facebook, it was clear that nothing was really resolved during this hearing. Continue reading “The Congressional Hearings Circus Show”