Lee has made a name for herself as a change expert and woman’s empowerment motivator. Her indomitable message transforms the traditional goal-setting approach to focusing on what you want and how to obtain it.

SMART goals are future oriented and are based on things we do not have. Sometimes we can only imagine what we want only after we get there because we have no previous frame of reference and no real life experience to count on.

When life is filled with chaos or crisis, a future-based framework may not be very useful and stressful. You may have no idea what of what a “better life” looks like or what it could be. So, what exactly do you aim for? What goals do you strive for? How do you obtain and maintain the confidence that you need to go after your goals? Maybe you are overwhelmed with trying to cope with your current scenario and life situation.

The great news is that change doesn’t have to be something that happens when you’re in a crisis.  It can be made consciously and easily once you know how to pace yourself, build confidence and achieve your goals.

As part of this presentation, you’ll learn:

  • how to work backwards to eliminate the things you DON’T want and how to cope with things that you can not change
  • abandon habitual patterns and start taking responsibility for your life
  • a no BS approach to confidence, authenticity and happiness
  • simple ways to make conscious positive choices
  • how to overcome adversity, practice self-control and learn mental toughness in order for you can overcome your challenges rather than run from them
  • how to adopt practical and simple strategies to achieve your goals