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Interested in sponsoring signore.com? Sponsorship of the site is available to anyone who would like to reach a wide audience. The  site went live in March of 2018 and traffic has not stopped since. We are growing and becoming more popular.

Csignore.com Audience and Demographics

Csignore.com audience includes security professional on all levels, novice IT administrators, and curious minds.In addition to the site we also have a popular podcast.


Our demographic is spreads across a global audience with the countries listed below. The demographics have been calculated since blog went live in March 2018. Demographics will be updated as needed.

Demographics below are from March 2018 to June 2018.

World View of Demographics

sponsorship details

Sponsorship of csignore.com is measured in weekly terms. Unfortunately, there is only one slot available per week. The sponsorship promotion is displayed as a hyperlinked text-based message within the sidebar. The hyperlink message will direct csignore.com viewers to a specific resource of the sponsors choosing.

The sponsor’s message will be displayed in a prominent yet non-obtrusive place in the sidebar of each page:

The sponsor message

The sponsors message may be up to 140 characters long and is positioned after the “Sponsored by” text to ensure transparency. The entire message is then hyperlinked to a resource of the sponsor’s choosing. The link needs to be accurate and direct. The message should also clearly identify who the sponsor. If including an image the image size must not to exceed width=”130″ height=”169″.

Sponsor promotion

The sponsor is thanked during the week of sponsorship via Twitter, Facebook, and weekly newsletter. They’re also mentioned in all video recordings and audio.

To schedule a sponsorship, or for further information contact me here.