The Red Hen restaurant that refused to serve Sarah Sanders was hit by a cyberattack

White House deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

The scammers likely weren’t trying to take a political stand, and instead hoped to capitalize on heightened internet traffic to the website because of the headlines, says the researcher who publicized the attack.

It seems that there may be some negative side effects from having your business pushed into political conundrum. As the spotlight shone on the Red Hen restaurant, it caught the eye of a hacker. The website recently suffered a spam SEO compromise. Malwarebytes LABS noted that there was a huge collection of Viagra spam text embedded within the site. This caused a huge spike in the amount of hits on the site. This type of attack is called Spamdexing. 

The site was also running on WordPress.  There is a number of ways that the attacker could have gained access to the site. The hacker would’ve used the default admin credentials, the site could not have exercised least privileges for their accounts, or the site could have uploaded a tainted plugin on their site. Either way, it is important to check your site to make sure that you are implementing least privileges and double-check each plugin before you install it.

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Source: The Red Hen restaurant that refused to serve Sarah Sanders was hit by a cyberattack


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