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Thank you for wanting to get your article published and promoted with CYBER-MISFITS.com. We would love to share and promote your material within the site.

Do you have a industry certification? Did you know that you can get continual education credit for publishing a blog (600+ words), publishing an article or white paper? We can help.

If you are an industry level professional, senior executive, or business leader we welcome your insight and would love to have your article published as a featured post. CYBER-MISFITS.com will promote your brand, product, or cause and look forward to future collaboration. (Articles and blog posts will not be accepted if they are considered advertorial, promotional, or commercial.)


Please follow the the procedures listed below:

  1. Please review the following questions prior to submitting your article/blog/post for review:
    1. Would you trust the information presented within the article/blog/post?
    2. Is this article/blog/post written by an expert or a novice? Do you know the material well or is it shallow nature?
    3. Does CYBER-MITFITS.com have duplicate or similar information posted?
    4. Are there any spelling or grammatical errors?
    5. Will your article/blog/post contain topics driving by a genuine interest of the site ?
    6. Will your article/blog/post provide substantial value to the site?
    7. Will your article/blog/post be based on factual evidence?
    8. Does your article/blog/post describes both sides of the story?
    9. Does your article/blog/post provide a complete comprehensive description of the topic?
    10. Would users complain when they see the information posted? Or, will it spark meaningful conversation?
  2. Unique and engaging article/blogs/post must be a minimum of 500-words.
  3. No updates to any article/blog/post after 60 days of publication will result in the article being removed. Please make sure that you are engaging with your readers.
  4. If your article/blog/post contains any links, please make sure that they are relevant to the information posted. Self-serving, commercial, or promotional links will not be accepting.

Please review additional requirement for submitting material here. After reviewing the information above please submit your information and article/blog/post to publish@cyber-mistfits.com.

I look forward to working with you!